The funded term of our current AHRC project is from September 2014 until March 2016.   We are currently programming the dates of our research and public events, and dates in the below timeline are not all fully confirmed.

2 thoughts on “Events”

  1. Wow what an incredible effort represented here on this site. I was led here by what i thought would just be another one of those non-googleable search phrases but what ended up being a great find! I was reading a paper by Bridges Conference ’13 Abdalla G. M. Ahmed on AA Patterns and weaving, when I slowly began to connect the dots I’ve recently learned about (including Jacquard Loom). I would like to ‘catch-up’ and read more of the material on this site as it appears and as time permits, and until then look forward to starting a true correspondence and subscribing. Thanks for the time!

  2. Hello, I am peruvian and intereted in textiles, informatic and arts, so interested in following this project!

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